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Amateur Hour: Homemade Bread

We’ve discovered that, once mastered, the art of making bread is infinitely more cost-effective and more scrumptious than purchasing it (even from a reputable local bakery). As you might have guessed…it’s the “mastered” part that’s the most difficult to achieve. Sure anyone can combine flour, yeast, and water to create dough, but only truly experienced bakers can create perfect loaves – with hard crusty exteriors, good “crumb,” and soft velvety interiors, free of air pockets. We are at a slight disadvantage, being that we do not possess a convection oven or even better, a wood burning oven. Even with a pizza stone, a spray bottle and a cast iron skillet filled with water to create steam, we’re hard-pressed to create a crust worthy of a photograph for this blog. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these photos of the kneading and rising processes, and we welcome any bread baking, crust-making wisdom that you have to offer. Feel free to use the “comments” section to share tips.


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