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Dinner with Friends: a Tribute to “Homesick Texan”

I recently hosted some friends from Quality Seafood for a farewell dinner party. I made the food and they provided the adult beverages (Hi-C, milk, imbibe-ables of that nature). There were two inspirations for the menu: first, between our CSA farm box, my in-laws, and the garden at Flat Creek, I had a serious quantity of summer squash and jalapenos that needed to be dealt with. Second, I asked myself, what do we have a plethora of in Texas that we won’t have in Virginia? Ehem…Mexican food. And where better to look for authentic Mexican recipes than a Texan gringa living in New York? She may not be from south of the border, but her recipes have an authentic essence that is hard to replicate. I hope you enjoy oggling at the photos. Please forgive my amateur point-and-shoot camera.

A Fishmongress’ Farewell-to-Texas Party Menu

Chile Con Queso – Note: Make right before serving to avoid separating!

Sopa de Lima – Note: My friend Sandra recommends using lemon juice instead of lime to avoid bitterness. Garnish with lime slices if preferred.

Summer Squash Enchiladas

Watermelon Agua Frescas – Note: Add mint simple syrup to taste.

Key Lime “Itty Bitty” Bundt Cakes (from Whole Foods Market) and Black Forest Bundt Cake (brought by Skylar)

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The Veggie Blues

Johnson's Backyard Garden CSA vegetables for the week of Feb. 14th

We’re picking up our CSA box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden tomorrow. It’ll be our first produce box since January, and we’re excited to fill our fridge with fresh veggies again. We went to farm website to catch a “sneak peek” of what we’ll be receiving in our box. We’ve definitely got the brussels sprouts down (a little garlic and balsamic can help anything!), the citrus will be juiced the moment it gets in the door, and of course, the spinach and scallions are pretty standard, but what about those root veggies? Last month we made beet soup that lasted longer than either of us care to admit, and as my grandfather Jim once observed, too much carrot juice can give the impression that one is suffering from jaundice. We welcome any new and fascinating recipes from our friends and family that will hopefully inspire us to enjoy winter vegetables once again.

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