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¡Hola from Zihua!

Christian and I took our (second) honeymoon to Zihuatanejo last week. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the overwhelming generosity of Bart Cousins and Missy and David Boone. Thank you!!!

We stayed at The Tides resort. Upon arriving and taking note of the flowers tucked neatly into the toilet paper rolls, we realized that this would be the nicest hotel we’d ever stay in.

Soft and scented!

They also had palapas lining the beach front where you could lounge and raise a little orange flag if you needed something, such as a deliciously fresh michelada.

Lounging under a palapa

In Mexico, a michelada is made with fresh lime juice, beer, and salt.

We swam in the ocean…

That's not our boat.

And met the local residents…

Sarah greets Juan

And of course, ate a lot of food.

Scallop ceviche

Parrillada de mariscos, a.k.a. "Los misterios del mar"

Huevos motuleños (eggs with ham, plantains, black beans, tortilla, and ranchera sauce)

Frutas tropicales y jugo de mango

Tacos de queso oaxaca y huitlacoche

Tiritas de atún (tuna ceviche)

Early on in our stay, Hurricane Beatrice paid us a visit. We got heavy rains, but not much else. Luckily, there were marble backgammon boards built into the bar. So we kept busy!

A friendly game of backgammon to pass the time

Hurricane Beatrice left some beautiful skylines in her wake…

¡Adiós Beatriz!

But that’s not all…Sarah tried to go for a swim the morning after and was terrified to be warned to “get out of the water, ahora” by Eduardo, the head of hotel security. Apparently, the local crocodile population particularly enjoys a swim across the bay after heavy rains. Sarah’s worst fears about swimming in open water were confirmed, and she steered clear of the ocean for several days. Thankfully, The Tides had some really nice pools.

Crocodiles? WTF?!

Our Spanish skills helped us to quickly befriend the hotel staff, and we reaped the benefits. Israel, the gardener, brought us some fresh coconut water on the beach.

Agua fresca de coco

We ended our stay with a spectacular sunset and a gorgeous wedding between our two best friends, Sandra Sotelo-Miller and Tom Simmons.

I should be a postcard photographer.

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When a Girl Leaves Texas, She Packs Provisions

As many of you may know, Christian and I are moving to Richmond, VA in two months. I’ve come up with a list of non-perishable provisions to pack in the trunk of my car for when nostalgia for the Lone Star State sets in. Sadly, I don’t think I can fit the lady who makes fresh tortillas at H-E-B or an entire Rio Star grapefruit farm in my Passat, but I can probably squeeze in…

  1. A case of Lone Star beer
  2. A bag of masa harina and a tortilla press
  3. A case of Mexican Coke (made with real cane sugar!)
  4. Several cans of huitlachoche
  5. A giant bottle of Valentina hot sauce
  6. A bottle of Balcones True Blue Corn Whiskey
  7. A jar of Clint’s Texas Salsa
  8. A bag of El Milagro Tortilla Chips
  9. A jar of Polvo’s escabeche
  10. A bag of Curra’s Blend Oaxaca coffee

Did I leave out a quintessential Texas staple? Tell me what I’m forgetting in the “comments” section.


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