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Dinner with Friends: a Tribute to “Homesick Texan”

I recently hosted some friends from Quality Seafood for a farewell dinner party. I made the food and they provided the adult beverages (Hi-C, milk, imbibe-ables of that nature). There were two inspirations for the menu: first, between our CSA farm box, my in-laws, and the garden at Flat Creek, I had a serious quantity of summer squash and jalapenos that needed to be dealt with. Second, I asked myself, what do we have a plethora of in Texas that we won’t have in Virginia? Ehem…Mexican food. And where better to look for authentic Mexican recipes than a Texan gringa living in New York? She may not be from south of the border, but her recipes have an authentic essence that is hard to replicate. I hope you enjoy oggling at the photos. Please forgive my amateur point-and-shoot camera.

A Fishmongress’ Farewell-to-Texas Party Menu

Chile Con Queso – Note: Make right before serving to avoid separating!

Sopa de Lima – Note: My friend Sandra recommends using lemon juice instead of lime to avoid bitterness. Garnish with lime slices if preferred.

Summer Squash Enchiladas

Watermelon Agua Frescas – Note: Add mint simple syrup to taste.

Key Lime “Itty Bitty” Bundt Cakes (from Whole Foods Market) and Black Forest Bundt Cake (brought by Skylar)

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Sarah shamelessly advertises her own work

The real purpose of Sarah’s visit to Flat Creek Estate last weekend wasn’t to film Chef Sean making wild boar bacon (and then proceeding to eat said bacon), but rather, to film him making another delicious concoction: Texas Redfish Cioppino and Shrimp Crepes with Lemon Beurre Blanc. Chef Sean buys his seafood from Quality Seafood Market, and he and Sarah took advantage of this opportunity to shamelessly advertise for their businesses. Sean would cook the seafood (bought from Quality, as usual), and Sarah would film it and proceed to plaster it all over their company websites, feeling no shame in the process. Since she’s in the business to sell fish, and he’s in the business to fill his bistro, it worked well for everyone. If, after watching this video, you don’t want to order the seafood at The Bistro at Flat Creek Estate, then I have a serious bone to pick with you. For recipes for the shrimp crepes and lemon beurre blanc, check out the Quality Seafood Market website.

Texas Redfish Cioppino


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Feeling a little boarish

Pecan-smoked wild boar bacon

Sarah is just getting around to uploading this video that she shot last Thursday at Flat Creek Estate. She was visiting the Bistro/Vineyard/Winery to film Chef Sean Fulford making redfish cioppino and shrimp crepes with lemon beurre blanc (more on that later). And she couldn’t resist making a short “how-to” film about his House-Cured, Pecan-Smoked Wild Boar Bacon, which happens to top off his Axis Venison & Wild Boar Burger (right??!!). So, for all you aspiring smokers, BBQ-ers, and foodies out there, we give you: Chef Sean Fulford, Badass Extraordinaire.

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Not a bad day at the office

Everyone has good days and bad days at the office. Today was an exceptionally good day for Sarah. She drove to Flat Creek Vineyard & Winery in Marble Falls to interview Chef Sean Fulford – an avid consumer of Quality Seafood wholesale products. Between touring the winery, filming the chef in action, lending a hand in the garden, and tasting the estate wines, Sarah almost forgot that she was actually working. Not a bad day at the office, indeed.

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