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When the going gets rough…cook something

Dawn & Concho Minick gave us a sweet wedding gift: Barefoot Contessa in Paris and a Williams-Sonoma gift card, which we used to purchase a badass frittata pan (not appearing in this blog post). Dawn earmarked the boeuf bourguignon recipe, saying that it was her and Concho’s favorite. So we filed it away for a stormy day, when all we’d need was a little homemade goodness to lift our spirits. Unlike yesterday, Sarah had a rough day at the office on Tuesday and decided to spend the next few hours “cooking out her emotions.” Maybe it was because she channeled the spirit of Ina Garten, or perhaps all that emotion added some extra zest to the dish, but it came out tasting fabulous. So thanks Dawn & Concho, Ina Garten, Sky, Christian, and Fancy for saving the day. We’ll leave you with these photos to oggle over.

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