Hurricane Irene: The View from Richmond, VA

Last night hurricane Irene paid us a visit. She was not a happy camper. We’ve been out of power since 4:00pm on 8/27/11, and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for several days (if not weeks). I’m writing this post from the cafe of the grocery store down the block from our house. They are running on backup power – no cold or hot food, but they do have coffee, water, and dried goods. Needless to say, the line for coffee is about 20 people deep! Christian and I just moved from Austin, TX – a part of the world suffering from severe drought – to Richmond, VA where we were welcomed with an earthquake and a hurricane (both firsts, for me). Life’s been colorful lately!


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7 responses to “Hurricane Irene: The View from Richmond, VA

  1. I am glad to see that you two are safe. After this past month I think you guys know that “adventure in moving” is more than an old advertising slogan. Stay safe!

  2. Louise Bastron

    The damage is unbelievable! Your Mom keeps us posted . She and Cait
    left for Chicago and the big interview. We are praying you have power
    now. You two are exceptionally good at coping with bad situations but
    enough is enough . It’s past time for the power to be repaired and life
    to get back to some semblance of normal. You have enough stories to
    tell your grandchildren. Keep the e-mails coming. GrandmaB

    • Grandma, The power came back on yesterday…Thank goodness! We are bracing for Tropical Storm Lee and hoping that Hurricane Katia continues on her easterly path (away from RVA). Miss you lots! Love, Sarah

  3. Welcome to Richmond, huh? It’s an interesting time…as a real estate broker, my clients have a contract on a foreclosure house that had a tree tthrough the roof. The bank wouldn’t give the approval for a tarp or tree removal over the holiday so here we are…buckets of water and lots of unnecessary damage. In other words, the hurricane lives on. I took pictures of the crew who finally got my service going (we don’t have water if we don’t have power so it’s not a pleasant experience!) and put them on my blog. You showed me yours (great pictures!), now I’ll show you mine! Hope your experiences haven’tovershadowed the good stuff our city has to offer. It’s a great place…when the hurricanes bypass us.

    • Wow! Looks and sounds like you had it way worse than we did! We lost power for 9 days, but at least we had water! Dominion Power came to the rescue. Thank goodness! Don’t worry, we are very impressed with Richmond and it’s residents (see my latest post: Richmond, First Impressions). The hurricane didn’t send us running back to Austin (where our poor friends and families are suffering from severe drought). We are grateful for the rain! I love your blog idea and I hope you keep on writing!

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