We Love Dirty Laundry: or How to Get Your Husband to Wash Clothes

Last week my husband and I were having a standoff to see how long we could go without doing laundry. It was an odd sort of competition. No one talked about it. It just sort of happened. Typically we do laundry once a week, when the basket begins to overflow, but it had been two weeks and “overflow” was a serious understatement…

Don Henley would be proud.

Eventually my husband caved. It probably had less to do with a clear victory for feminism than that fact that he possesses fewer pairs of underwear than I do, but I was still proud that I held out as long as I did. Here’s a few tips that might help modern women get their hubbies to pitch in when it comes to the dreaded task of washing and folding clothes…

Avoid talking about the subject. Rather than saying, “My goodness, look at this huge pile of laundry! I wish someone would help me with it,” try this approach: “I’m exhausted. How about we go out for a nice dinner? You could wear that handsome button down.” When he realizes his favorite shirt is in the laundry, he’ll have to confront the overgrown pile of dirty clothes spilling out into the hallway.

Divert your attention to other tasks that you enjoy. Your partner arrives home and asks, “What were you up to today?” You respond, “I tended the garden this morning, then went to work, and afterward I made this delicious meal. Aren’t I amazing?” Most likely, he’ll agree.

Put the hamper in an inconvenient location where he’s bound to notice it. Maybe scatter a few items around the base of the hamper to create a more messy, treacherous path to tread on.

Plant a stink bomb in the bathroom. When he asks what the blazes is smelling so badly, calmly reply that you think it’s his workout clothes that have been in the hamper for a week.

Hide a few of his clothes, like a favorite tee that he loves to wear or all of his socks, so that he’ll be forced to do laundry to “uncover” them.

If desperate, don your granny panties. If he makes a move, say you’re “not feeling up to it” because your lingerie is in the laundry basket and your current undergarments are making you feel undesirable.

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  1. golfharp

    Esto dice mi amiga Caro: “jjaja yo nunca puedo zafar de lavar la ropa! Yo soy estudiante, y el trabaja.. así que siempre me toca a mi!! No puedo esperar a conseguir un trabajo para poner esto en práctica muaaaahaha (risa malvada). besos!!”

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