When a Girl Leaves Texas, She Packs Provisions

As many of you may know, Christian and I are moving to Richmond, VA in two months. I’ve come up with a list of non-perishable provisions to pack in the trunk of my car for when nostalgia for the Lone Star State sets in. Sadly, I don’t think I can fit the lady who makes fresh tortillas at H-E-B or an entire Rio Star grapefruit farm in my Passat, but I can probably squeeze in…

  1. A case of Lone Star beer
  2. A bag of masa harina and a tortilla press
  3. A case of Mexican Coke (made with real cane sugar!)
  4. Several cans of huitlachoche
  5. A giant bottle of Valentina hot sauce
  6. A bottle of Balcones True Blue Corn Whiskey
  7. A jar of Clint’s Texas Salsa
  8. A bag of El Milagro Tortilla Chips
  9. A jar of Polvo’s escabeche
  10. A bag of Curra’s Blend Oaxaca coffee

Did I leave out a quintessential Texas staple? Tell me what I’m forgetting in the “comments” section.



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2 responses to “When a Girl Leaves Texas, She Packs Provisions

  1. Noel Rodriguez

    I should give you a bottle of my hot sauce

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