11 Things I Love about My Husband

Christian demonstrates his sense of humor.

For those of you who know Christian, I’m sure you’ll agree on most counts (I hope you don’t agree on all counts. That would be creepy and weird.)

  1. He’s ridiculously intelligent. Possibly even too intelligent.
  2. When he laughs out loud he claps his hands one time. Strange at first, but when you get to know him, you realize it’s a sign of an expression of true happiness.
  3. He’s genuinely more interested in me than sports, Play Stations (he doesn’t even own one), TV, or any other form of mass media. If this is somehow untrue, then he’s damn good at covering it up.
  4. He’s a total sap. He cries regularly. Yes, he cries, because it’s down right healthy and therapeutic to cry! I’m proud to have a husband that isn’t afraid to feel and express emotion. And as an addendum to this one, he’s still a great shoulder for me to cry on.
  5. He’s polite to his mother. He may not always agree with her, but he treats her with dignity and respect. I think that bodes well for my future.
  6. Even though he’s a much faster runner than I am, when we run together, he runs my pace. He claims that it’s good for him to slow down, but I think he just wants to be seen running with his smokin’ hot wife.
  7. He doesn’t measure his self-worth based on intangible pursuits of money and progress. This doesn’t make him a slouch, just a man content with the simple pleasures of life.
  8. He puts his milk in the freezer for a few minutes before drinking it because he knows that chilled is the only way to properly imbibe milk.
  9. In the summer, he hates to have the A/C blasting. He prefers the feeling of warm (possibly even hot and sticky) reality over the cold, sterile feeling of conditioned air. I love this.
  10. We have a mutual understanding that flatulence is natural, and we like to boast that it’s a sign of our healthy digestive systems.
  11. Before we begin each meal, he has to give me a kiss. Whether it’s an actual full-contact kiss or just a soft blown kiss across the dinner table, he has to do it. Otherwise it’ll jinx the meal…or something like that.


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6 responses to “11 Things I Love about My Husband

  1. Laura

    Aww, Sarah, Christian sounds like such a wonderful man! I’m so happy you found someone so perfect for yourself đŸ™‚ I hope I actually get to meet him someday!!

  2. gregmichener

    Great list! Really enjoyed reading it. And by the way, your husband IS a sap, so get over it. But he’s also one heck of a guy. Abraços from Brazil.

    • Greg, thanks for your comment. Christian will be glad to know that you agree with me (on both counts). Hope life south of the equator is treating you well! Let us know if you’re back in Austin. We’ll grab a pint and ruthlessly mock undergrads at the Dog and Duck.

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